Raised Beds - Planned & Planted

Most years I look at Companion Planting guides, and then I go out and plant the garden willy nilly.  This year I wanted to follow some of the suggestions.  So when I made my plan (I use microsoft publisher, 5x7 page size, create a grid for the veggies, and add notes to the right.  Save each page as a jpg, send to my phone..  voila, portable, digital, garden planning)

I planted cabbage right in the herb bed this year, because the smell of the herbs, and marigolds, are supposed to help repel the cabbage worms.  I planted catnip in the backyard too, because it is supposed to help repel fleas. 

Currently there are 3 raised, Modified Square Foot Garden, boxes in my back yard.  Below are the planning sheets, followed by a photo of what the box looks like planted.  I do not have tomatoes in the ground here yet, but everything else is in.