BSF Starts Soon!

This year, we'll be studying the book of Acts.  Classes start a week from Wednesday, on September 14th.

Each week we receive notes and questions.  The questions are broken into daily assignments for reading and answering.  When we attend the next week, we start in full group - all of us meeting together to hear announcements and sing praise songs.  Then we split into our assigned small groups, to discuss our answers from the daily assignments, and take prayer requests.  After that we return to the sanctuary where all of us will sing a couple more songs, then hear a lecture on the text.    On our way out, we'll receive the notes and questions to work on for the next week.

It's an amazing way to study the word of God!

From the BSF website -

During 2011-2012, BSF classes around the world are studying the Acts of the Apostles
For 33 weeks, class members have the opportunity to learn how this important book speaks to our daily lives in the 21st Century.
Each class session features BSF's Four-Fold Approach to Bible study.
While the Acts of the Apostles study lasts the full BSF year (33 weeks), new members can join throughout the course of the study — space permitting.
The classes offered (in order) are:
  1. Genesis (2012-13)
  2. Matthew (2013-14)
  3. The Life of Moses (2014-15)
  4. Romans (2015-16)
  5. History of Israel and the Minor Prophets (2016-17)
  6. John (2017-18)
  7. Isaiah (2018-19)
  8. Acts of the Apostles (2020-21)
To find a class near you and to see if it has space available for new members, click here.