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Weekly Overview

Each week-end I plan out an "overview" of our week, including our schedules, our menu, etc.  I post it on a bulletin board in our hallway, alongside the kids weekly chores, dish chores, and white boards where we leave notes if anyone is leaving, or something needs done, etc.

This is an old version from a few weeks back - before school started - but it gives you the general idea.  (I use google docs for almost everything - including this)


Good Morning Girls - 1 John (disclaimer, I have not watched the video - I'm not a big fan of "vlogs" - I'd rather just read them.  I think all the pertinent info is in the text.)
After finishing the 21 day plan for Busy Women at You Version, I've been trying to find a light devotion for my mornings.  I loved the 21 day plan, because it was the same 4 questions each day, just applied to different text.  
I've been using the Parenting By Design devotion this week, but I am not loving it.  It's not a bad devotion, it's just not quite what I am looking for right now.
This week BSF starts back up for me, so I have an in depth study that will take a good bit of time each day..  I just want something light, to start out my morning, before my feet hit the floor.
So I was excited to see that Good Morning Girls is doing a study on 1John.  They are using the SOAP method, which I've had some trouble with in the past in a group…

BSF Starts Soon!

This year, we'll be studying the book of Acts.  Classes start a week from Wednesday, on September 14th.
Each week we receive notes and questions.  The questions are broken into daily assignments for reading and answering.  When we attend the next week, we start in full group - all of us meeting together to hear announcements and sing praise songs.  Then we split into our assigned small groups, to discuss our answers from the daily assignments, and take prayer requests.  After that we return to the sanctuary where all of us will sing a couple more songs, then hear a lecture on the text.    On our way out, we'll receive the notes and questions to work on for the next week.
It's an amazing way to study the word of God!
From the BSF website -
During 2011-2012, BSF classes around the world are studying the Acts of the Apostles For 33 weeks, class members have the opportunity to learn how this important book speaks to our daily lives in the 21st Centur…

Maximize Your Mornings Challenge