cinnamon swirl french toast

The hens are laying about two and a half dozen eggs a day.  I should start selling them.  I've given a LOT away...  and am going through egg recipes like mad.  :-)  Fritatas were not a big hit here, although I am thinking if I add more meat, they might be more popular with my crew.

Tonight I made breakfast for supper.  Cinnamon swirl french toast, scrambled eggs with chives from the herb bed outside, and sausage and maple smoked bacon.
For the french toast, I made two loaves of bread dough, rolled them out to rectangles, then spread them with brown sugar, cream cheese, and cinnamon.  Rolled the dough, let it rise, topped it with more of the mixture with some oats sprinkled on top, baked and sliced.  Then dipped in french toast batter.

Served it with whipped cream and sliced strawberries..  it was a big hit!