Sewing Kit - Felt Craft

I love felt embroidery, and I do not know why I don't do more of it.  So simple!  I didn't have a pattern for this, I saw one in a catalog (or website?  I can't remember which) from Hopechest Legacy.  My daughter and I were working through her Needlework Skills Book 1 together at the time, and this looked like a simple additional project.  It was.  :-)

Sadly the Hopechest Legacy site has pretty much closed down, we love the books and patterns we have bought from them, and there are still a few good freebies on the site. (Freebies are listed on the red sidebar to the left)

The inside pockets hold a pencil, scissors, embroidery floss, needles are stored under the flap on the top right, the heart shaped pocket holds a thimble and my needle threader, and the center bottom is a stuffed pincushion full of pins.  

It was such an easy project that my 12 year old daughter made herself one at the same time.