Chicken Salad Club Sandwiches

(there was also a bowl of cubed cheese, one of hard boiled eggs, and one of yogurt, to go with this meal today)

A few weeks back Dh and I had lunch at a little dive in Sunbury PA.  We had an AWESOME chicken salad club sandwich...  and I knew it would be simple to replicate here at home.  The ones there had two layers, but I made them just one layer here..  it would be simple enough to add another piece of bread in the middle.

Chicken Salad - 
Cut up chicken (I use just white meat)
diced apple
diced purple onion
diced hard boiled egg
shredded carrot
mayo (I make my own, but a jar works too)
a little lemon juice
a little dill, salt, pepper, and powdered garlic

Then toast the bread (to keep this much bread warm, I turned my oven on low and put the bread in the oven as soon as it came out of the toaster.

Place a strip of bacon (cut in half, but use both pieces) on the toast
Top with a lettuce leaf (I use romaine)
top with chicken salad, and another piece of toast

HUGE hit - this will be a common meal this summer I think!