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New lamb!

Just born this morning .

A case of Scott's Liquid Gold

I buy old furniture.  Not restored antiques - beat up old furniture.  I like it.  I don't want to paint most of it, I like the look of wood.  Most of my furniture it purchased at the Beaver Run Consignment Sale - an Amish run auction to benefit their school.  (Although with what they must make off that auction, they could have a huge air conditioned building with full time paid staff..  not just the outside toilets and simple one room school they have..) 
I furnished my entire dining room - china cabinet, dry sink, buffet, two wing chairs, two end tables, a piano, and a dining room table with 8 chairs - for $100.  THAT kind of old furniture. Normally I bring it home, and use Scott's liquid gold on it, the wonder spray that makes scratched, dinged, dried out, furniture look...  rustic, but clean and nice.  
Last week I ran out of Scott's.  I stopped at our grocery store where I usually buy it - there;s no longer even a space on the shelf for it.  I tried Big Lots, where I som…

Chicken Marsala

This looked so pretty in my big baking pan right out of the oven..  but we dug in before I got a picture.  I put these two extra pieces on a plate for the photo, and it doesn't look nearly as good...  but trust me, it tastes good!   This is one of my favorite meals.  This is also one of those times where I adapt a "regular" recipe to feed a family of 6, with 4 teenagers.  When the recipe says "return chicken to the pan" I know I'm in trouble - to cook enough chicken for all of us in one pan is usually not feasible.  I'd need a bigger pan.  :-)

At the bottom of this post is Emeril's recipe, which is sort of what I used as my guideline, and has exact measurements, for those of you who cook with measuring cups.  I rarely measure - I cook 3 meals a day, every day, for this crew..  I can pretty much guess amounts.  For most things. I did measure out the wine and chicken broth, roughly, for this dish.  Well, I poured the bottle of marsala wine into a mea…

Some Soap Making Resources

My friend Cherity was over to learn how to make soap today.  I really do love making it, and would make it more often if it were easier to find supplies.  Now that I think we have a local supplier for oils, I just need to find a good place to order scents.  

I have a page here all about my very first attempt making soap - years ago.  I've made a lot of soap since then, but not so much recently!

You should never, ever make soap until you have researched it and know what you are doing.  Do NOT just think you can throw this together from the recipes/info I have posted.  But while I am thinking of it for Cherity, here are a few more soap making links - 

Lye Calculator (for making your own soap recipes)

The Soap Book, by Sandy Maine my favorite soap making book

Natural Soap Making Additives
Tells you things like basil is a natural antibacterial

Over at the Lettered Cottage today, there are ALL sorts of great…