Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken (cut up or shredded)
Chicken broth
can of enchilada sauce (I used the big can, two regular cans, for one crockpot)
8 oz Cheese (cheddar, or montery jack - I used montery jack last time)
sour cream (about 2 cups for the crockpot full)
corn tortillas

Optional - I have added corn, leftover salsa, diced tomatoes with chilies..  whatever I have on hand that I think will go ok in this.  :-)
Put enchilada sauce in the crockpot.   Add chicken broth and water until the crockpot is about half full.
saute the chicken in a little oil or butter.  Remove, put in the crockpot.
 add onion and garlic to pan, saute.  Add sour cream and  the cheese (shredded or cut up small) until cheese is melted.   Mix a little flour and cold water (like making gravy) and stir into the cheese mixture to thicken it. 
mix cheese mixture into the crockpot.
Cut the corn tortillas into small strips, add to the crockpot.