Today On The Farm 6/11/2010

Moved the goats to the maternity pen.  The grass in there is so high you can barely see Lucy (the sheep) when she walks in the one section!  The goats are loving it today.   It's full of the woody weeds and thistle that goats love. 
Red (my horse) got his feet trimmed again today, and I talked with Lindsey about taking him to Cornell.   It's not as expensive as I had thought, but it's a 3 hour drive, with Red in a trailer...  so that takes some thought.  (the other three horses were trimmed recently, Red just needed a touch up visit)
Moved the horses to the front pasture, since the goats are not in there.  The ram, two billies, and Fred the llama are all in with the horses.
The baby chicks are all doing great!  I'm getting read to move them to the arcauna pen here this afternoon.  That will open the tractor pen up for the turkeys, who are getting big!
The arcaunas, all but the one nesting, will move with the other hens for summer.  The roosters will be put out to free range, so the girls can concentrate on laying eggs without being bothered by the boys.  For winter we'll put them all in together I think, then early spring I'll separate the arcaunas back out, so that I get a batch of straight arcauna chicks again next year. 
The two peahens have been fighting over the nest, and have the eggs all over.  I need to go in and put all the eggs on one nest, and hope one of them sits on them.
Gary is baling hay beside our upper shed, Nate is helping.  Luke is in the dairy barn for afternoon milking.  Dan is in the shed tinkering with the hay rake, making sure everything is ready for Monday. 
The timothy is high and thick, the rye is starting to go to head, and the wheat is starting to turn golden..  busy days ahead!