How to Remove yourself from Spokeo

 Spokeo is a new online phonebook - but a bit more extreme. They are adding credit scores, photos of your home, etc. Most of it is wildly inaccurate, but you might want to remove yourself anyway. :-) (this is something they add you to without you signing up for it, so you probably have a profile, even though you have never heard of the site before)
This guide will explain what is and the personal information anyone on the web can see, it will also show you how-to delete your Spokeo profile.


  1. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This post of yours...kind of scary--thanks for sharing! I am glad to meet you, too, and I will be back for a longer stay later! :)
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  2. Thanks for sharing. I saw this and it's scary. The only good thing is they have my information wrong.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pleased to meet you.

  3. How do I delete myself from People & Zaba


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