Christmas Pillows - Layering HTV

My daughter in laws asked for some throw pillows for Christmas, and I wanted a few for myself here as well.  I have more to make, but the first two designs are done, and I love how they turned out!

The Red Truck svg is free here:

Ungroup, and hide the Noel.  I added our last name in the Bromello font

I did not use the white circles - I liked it better without them.
Don't forget to reverse your design before cutting!  I use select all and flip horizontal rather than using mirror - because that way I am sure it is all done before I start cutting.

I use a plain old iron (literally old - probably 80s model - I bought a couple of good old heavy irons at the thrift store, and love them.  ) a silicone baking mat, and a pillow case.  I sew my own pillow cases - details are here (and it's SUPER easy - a great beginners sewing project) 
First I ironed the pillow case, and stuck the silicone baking sheet inside.  
Then I layered the design on the way I wanted it to look.
Next, carefully pull back the red truck, leaving the black tires, the tree, and the name on the case, in position.  
Cover with parchment paper.  Then Press the preheated iron (I set mine between cotton and wool) down hard one section at a time, for 10 seconds each.  Be careful near the edges where there are seams, try to keep the iron off the seams, so that it sits flat on the design.  
Remove the parchment paper, peel back the plastic htv backing, slowly.  If the edges peel up at all, replace the plastic and parchment paper and press again.
Place the red truck over the tires and tree, cover with parchment paper, and press again.
Hold the pillow up to the light, you should see the texture of the fabric through the vinyl.  

Jingle All The Way is simply the Samantha font, and a jingle bell svg I found free in a google search.  It was a bit of a pain to line up the letters in Jingle and Way - it took several text boxes for each word.  And I used the charactar map to add the extra fancy J, e, and W.  I used Samantha Upright, and made it italic in design space.

Free Jingle Bell SVG

I layered the red bells on top of the black letters.  The only real problem with this design is the HUGE waste of htv..I think I'd like to try stenciling this in fabric paint.