How to Make a Chalkboard Graphic

I'm going to assume you already have a basic knowledge of some sort of graphics program.  Gimp is free.  I use Paint Shop Pro - because I have used it for many years, and I lack the attention span (& budget!) to keep up with photoshop.  

First, The Background.
  Thank you google image search....

These sites also offer free downloads - 

Next The Fonts:

This site has links to all of the fonts on the poster above
(most of my favorites are on her list, so I didn't see any sense in replicating it. Plus, she did it better than I would have.)

I personally recommend going to Dafont and downloading just about everything ever created by Kimberly Geiswein.  I can't believe all of these gorgeous fonts are free.
Some of my favorites:

Installing new fonts is super easy.  In most cases, you can unzip them, open 
Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Fonts 
or in your windows start menu, search "fonts"
Then copy the fonts and paste them in the font folder
If you have a graphics program open, you'll probably have to close it and restart it for the new fonts to appear.
If you need more detailed instructions:

Then, The Dingbats:
All those banners & frames?  Even mustaches and animals, or cars, or whatever... they can be found in dingbat fonts.
I'd start with:

KG Flavor & Frames
That will give you all sorts of banners and buntings to work with

But the options are pretty endless.  Use google and search for things like "snowman dingbat font", etc.  KG has several varieties of frames. I've downloaded them all.

Those who are pretty serious about this stuff use software to organize their fonts, or they print them into a binder. Me? I google the dingbat font I'm using to remember which letter/number = which graphic.  Probably not the best way, but it really is the easiest.  :-)

Organize with Software:

Organize In a Binder:

The graphic above, for KG Flavor & frames, does not show all of the options - just a good sampling of them.  

Some Examples:

(Have I gone 10 minutes without mentioning that I have a gorgeous new grandson?  Let's rectify that quickly!!)