On the Farm, May 5th 2014

We've made so much progress over the past two weeks!  Still so much to do, but we're crossing big things off the lists now.  :-)  The peacocks are loving that big new run, there on the right.  The bunnies are outside in the new hutch, on the left.  I love the new herb bed, with the Inuksuk in the middle, and the raised bed gardens are all doing well.

We pulled out the clothesline poles, and moved them.  Then I painted them blue.  And added little rock beds around them, planting french lavendar around each pole.

We hauled in a load of river rock for around the chairs and pond.
 We put in an herb bed, then I decided it looked unbalanced, and put in a butterfly bed as well.
This will be the butterfly garden

Our oldest built this Inuksuk a couple of years ago.  It was in an odd location, where you never saw it, in another yard..  we moved it back here where I can see it all the time. 

The horse pasture was looking sparse - Dan had oats planted into it this week.

 Bubba is moved to the front pasture with the other cows, and we moved Mickey down here now too - so there are 6 cows out front.  Milo is still in the back yard (he still gets milk once a day) and Wendell is in the center island pen.

 Still too young for his pretty tail - but next year when it grows in, he'll have plenty of room to display it, here in his new pen.
Betsy, Enjoying the impromptu pond in the pasture, after a heavy rainstorm.

Still lots to do here - but the pond is officially running!  I found all of this pond, including the filters and everything, alongside the road with a free sign on it.  I can't believe it all works!  The pump is the old well pump from here on the farm.

The new bunny hutch isn't pretty - but the bunnies love it, and I love not having to carry a dog kennel in and out of the house every morning and evening!  Olaf runs up and down that ramp nonstop - he loves it.  PB prefers to sit up in the boxes with the hay.


  1. Looks like you have had a busy Spring!
    Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!


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