Three Sisters Garden

A Three Sisters Garden Consists of Corn, Beans, and Squash.  I've wanted to plant one for years.

Planting Chart
Today I found this great planting chart for one - 

But this version is so pretty..  I might try this?

This wouldn't allow for a lot of corn, but it would be great for some of the varieties I like to grow for decoration.  And it would look cool up near the chicken coop...

Squanto's Garden Ebook

And I found reference to a free ebook, but the post didn't include a link.  When I did a google search for the ebook, I found the pdf file, no need to give an email address or sign up for anything, it is just here:  (I am running it through calibre to make it an epub, then I will add it to my Aldiko app on my phone, to read)

What Kinds Of Beans, Corn, & Squash?
I enjoyed this site because it gives info not only on what type they planted, but also how they harvest and store them.  I really want to try drying squash like this for soups!