You Can Do It - Geocaching Challenge Cache


The only time we have found 6 types of caches in one day is in Boonsboro MD, during geowoodstock.  But I think this can easily be done in State College Pa...  I'm working on a plan.  I should also check to see if this can be done easily closer to where the final is located - near Duryea, PA 

You must first complete the challenge portion of this cache by finding SIX cache types in ONE DAY anywhere in Pennsylvania! The thirteen acceptable cache types are:

  1. Traditional Cache
  2. Multi-Cache (Offset Cache)
  3. Mystery or Puzzle Caches
  4. Letterbox Hybrid
  5. EarthCache
  6. Virtual Cache
  7. Webcam Cache
  8. Wherigo™ Cache
  9. Event Cache
  10. Mega-Event Cache
  11. Cache In Trash Out Event
  12. GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit
  13. Project A.P.E. Cache