Tips for Setting Up A New Android Phone

Again, I needed a new phone.  My latest Droid 4, refurbished, and sent to me just a few weeks back because I wore out the keyboard on my first one, no longer would charge on any charger other than an old bedside dock cord from 3 or phones back.  So here I am setting up yet another phone...

On My Old Phone

  • checked to see if there were any photos I wanted saved.  Since all my photos sync with google automatically as I take them, there was nothing there I needed to copy over, but I did check, just in case. (I've switched to syncing to the private folder in facebook now, since that is where the photos usually end up anyway)
  • Take Screen shots of each of my screens.  On ICS, hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time.  Then I copied all of these into evernote to reference later.
  • Copy all of my library out of aldiko.  Just to be safe, I jotted down the page numbers of all the books I am currently reading, so if I cannot just copy the library in, at least I will know where I was at in each book. (I could not copy the library folder over - I still had to import the books.. glad I had those page numbers!)
  • Copy the cardiotrainer file - I just copied the whole folder, and once I install cardiotrainer on my new phone, I'll replace the new folder with the old one. (This worked flawlessly)
  • Copy the Task List folder - mine does not sync anywhere online, so if I delete it without copying it, I will lose all of my lists
  • Copy the MyDays folder (also does not sync)

On My New Phone:
  • After registering it with my gmail address, the first app I download is golauncher ex. This allows me to resize widgets, add extra homescreens, and customize the look of my phone.
  • The next app I download is Zedge.  Rather than transfer my ringtones, etc, I redownload them..  because I usually have too many and this seems like a good time to start fresh.  The "DROID" notification will drive me nuts really fast, so changing my notifications is a priority. 
  • Open the google play app, choose settings/menu & uncheck the auto add widgets box.  (That keeps it from adding a shortcut for every app I download onto my homescreens)
  • Open the gmail app (once installed) menu/settings/myemailaddress/ turn off the sound notifications.  (as much email as I get, it gets annoying to be notified every time!)
  • open the stock texting app and disable notifications, under menu/settings (this is because I use a different texting app - if you like the stock app, you will want to keep the notifications!)  TIP - if you use the stock texting app, look through the settings and consider changing the option for reply all.  If you change it to individual conversations, when you send out a bulk text, everyone you sent it to will not receive all the replies.  (I am right now receiving bunches of private texts all in reply to a bulk email a friend sent...  it's pretty annoying.)
  • On the apps screen, I drag all of the apps (I use a LOT of them!) into themed folders.  I'll list the folders in another post (coming soon)
  • With Go Launcher, choose menu/preferences and enable infinite scrolling.  Now the screens all scroll in a loop, not just to the left and right.
  • With golauncher installed, choose menu/edit and add 2 more screens.  (Post showing each of the screens and how I use them coming soon)
  • Go to  Choose "My Android Apps" on the right.  On the left at the top I can now see two phone options - my old phone, and my new one.  I click on the old one, then open each app listed in a new tab.  this takes awhile.  I then click install on each app, and choose to install on new device.  This is time consuming.  There must be a better way, but I have not found it yet.
  • Up on the right hand side of the google play sight, I choose the settings wheel, then choose the settings tab.  Here I can rename my device, rename my old device, and disable my old device from being shown in menus.
  • Somehow I got on a telemarketers list for some cruise ship promo.  They call a lot.  It starts with a loud cruise ship horn.  I added the number to my contacts, then opened the contact, choose menu, and send all calls to voicemail.  Still cluttering up my voicemail, but at least I do not get interupted by the calls.  
I love Calendar Pad - because it shows the text for each event, not just blocks of color.  Syncs beautifully with google calendar.
Odds & Ends:
  • My favorite texting app is handcent.  I like the way it looks.  Recently though, it could not sync contacts with facebook.  I found the explanation, and a work around, here:  Basically, Use FriendSync - which my phone used to do without an add on, but apparently facebook blocks that option now.   FriendsSync is not like  a stand alone app - to use it, first go to menu/settings/accounts.  While you are there, click on facebook, and uncheck the sync contacts, so that you don't end up with duplicates.  Now choose add account, and add FriendsSync.  The first link in this paragraph has screen shots - but it's really simple. 
  • In handcent, I can set separate notification sounds for different people.  So a text from my husband sounds different than a text from redbox.  At the top right of any text you receive, look for the outline of a person with the outline of the settings wheel on it.
  • I LOVE calendar pad for my calendar.  I create a 4x4 widget on one entire screen, and then press down on it to resize it to make it even bigger (golauncher allows me to resize widgets).  I then go into menu/settings and change the start day to Sunday (Monday is the default)  Then I go to calendar settings and beside each calendar I do not want to see in the widget (like  my agenda - that would completely clutter up our regular calendars) I choose setup, and uncheck the view box.
Misc ICS OS Tips:
  • Hold down the power button and the volume down button at the same time to take a screen shot
  • Hold the Home button for a list of apps that are running. Swipe them to the side to shut them off.
  • This article is loaded with ads and a little slow to load, but is a nice overview of some of the Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System features