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Goals For 2013

January updates in Blue
One of My February Goals will be to consolidate these, & have details simply by month!

Prayer & Bible Study

Pray more.  Organize my prayer list better. Put new prayer prompts/verses on the cabinet door over the dryerPut prayer cards beside my bedCreate a prayer list box for Sunday Dinner, have the children contribute morePut more effort into BSFdo my homework DAILY instead of all at once - in the morning, or at bedtime?  Place beside my bed, see what works best.Devotions for January:Made To Crave 21 Day Challenge - The Table Family Devotional do not expect to do these every night - maybe 2x-3x a week when we are all home?  I dont care how long it takes us to complete all 21.)Read the entire bible in 2013. I don’t think I will use a set plan, or the 90 day reading, this year, I think I will just mar…

End Of Year Organizing

This is all copied from a Facebook Status.  I could not believe how many of the statuses on my newsfeed included the word "bored" the day after Christmas, so I shared some of the items on my to do list, to organize for the new year.  You know, sort of like when your kids say they are bored, and you give them a list of chores.  it worked for my kids, they never tell me they are bored, so hopefully it will work with my facebook friends too.  LOL!


Sort out all of your photos from 2012. Get them off your camera,order prints, work on a digital scrapbook, make copies for family members.. whatever it is that you always think you will do with all those photos, but never do. If you are extra ambitious, make a slide show of the year 
and play it on New Years Day.

I like Shutterfly.  I make the albums throughout the year, and only order when they are 50% off and I can get free shipping. Some pics of the inside of last years album:

Photo Book Deals & Comparisons

Sugar Rush Cake (AKA Jello Cake)

Dan's bday cake, as he requested.

Angelfood cake hollowed out, and filled w/ strawberry jello and whipped cream.
 The center is also filled w/ the jello/whipped cream mixture. 
Then I poked holes in the cake and poured more jello over it. 
Refrigerated until set, then "iced" with whipped topping.

It should be called "sugar rush cake". =)

I could have made it prettier with some sprinkles..  but there was enough sugar on here already!