Tuesday Garden Party

My Tackle It Tuesday Project today -  Before.
There was a butterfly bush here, but I trimmed it a bit too enthusiastically the other year, and it didn't come back.  :-(  The one on the other side of the steps is now huge, and taking over..  but I'm afraid to trim it back!  :-)
After -

The iris are blooming!  They are one of my favorites, even though they don't make a good cut flower usually...

Just a tad overgrown.  :-)  I'm really thinking about pulling those bushes out completely..  but for now I really need to trim them back!  I cut all the iris that are on the ground here and put them in vases in the house.

More flowers in the house - 

I found a plant stand, like a yard sale, but all plants, in Muncy..  everything was $1!

Black raspberries, conflowers, brown eyed susans, shasta daisies, sweet pea,  lily of the valley...

I cleaned out the bed to the front of the house, and planted a lot of the new plants in here.  It will  probably be too crowded when they all get big, but I can always move them later.  :-)

In the vegetable garden, my beans are coming up nicely.



  1. Such a difference between the photos. You can really see that you have done something!

  2. wow, great job, Heather! The end result really looks great :). I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog...I am just now catching up on comments! I have realized that I need/want to respond promptly now instead of letting them all build up, whew :)!

    Anyways, love your blog and now that I'm more organized, I will definitely be keeping up with it :)




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