Some Soap Making Resources

My friend Cherity was over to learn how to make soap today.  I really do love making it, and would make it more often if it were easier to find supplies.  Now that I think we have a local supplier for oils, I just need to find a good place to order scents.  

I have a page here all about my very first attempt making soap - years ago.  I've made a lot of soap since then, but not so much recently!

You should never, ever make soap until you have researched it and know what you are doing.  Do NOT just think you can throw this together from the recipes/info I have posted.  But while I am thinking of it for Cherity, here are a few more soap making links - 

Lye Calculator (for making your own soap recipes)

my favorite soap making book

Natural Soap Making Additives
Tells you things like basil is a natural antibacterial

Over at the Lettered Cottage today, there are ALL sorts of great "how to" links - check them out!
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