Tissue Paper Flowers

From the Martha Stewart kits at Big Lots last year. The kids and I finished these up today.

Yes, there is a dog on my coffee table.  That's because school is done for the day and the dining room table is now a dining room table and no longer a school desk.  When it's a school desk she sleeps there, but when the computers go away it once again becomes a dinging room table, and obviously dogs are not allowed on dining room tables.  Obviously.

This is all perfectly logical to me these days, which is a little scary...  but really, once you get past the cashmere goat sleeping on the front porch rocker, the dog on the coffee table ceases to seem the least bit weird.  (Piper is back in her pen at the minute..  but she's a Houdini goat and will escape periodically and come up to the front porch to sleep)


  1. Those are so pretty. They look real!

    I'm visiting from UBP! Hope you can drop by my Party!!

  2. Nice to meet you and thanks for the visit yesterday for the UBP

  3. Sharing some UBP love thanx for the visit...I LOVE your flower arrangement and must learn how.


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