Sheep Shearing!

This should have been done a long time ago, but with our super wet spring..  we're running late.  The sheep look good, except for Delilah..  we knew she wasn't doing well, but it's shocking to see how tiny she was under all her wool.  We wormed her specifically for lung worms today, thinking maybe the broad spectrum wormers we rotate are missing something.
Before the shearing - Samson, Delilah, Lucy

Delilah being sheared.  I don't know when she was sheared last, if ever.  I'm thinking that may be, in part,  why she is not healthy 
Delilah, after.  look how tiny she is!  My poor girl!

Lucy being sheared. She's Delilah's baby, and not so tiny.  :-)


Lucy, with her baby that was born this spring.  The baby didn't get sheared, she will next spring.


Samson after