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In My Kitchen

From Heather's Kitchen

Rigatoni Casserole
Chicken Salad Club Sandwiches
Chicken Marsala
Anniversary Chicken
Chicken Enchilada Soup
Pork Lo Mein
White Castle Style Sliders

Recipes To Use Up a Lot Of Eggs

For Christmas my kids bought me the pasta making attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I'm trying to use it each week, to see what all I can do with it.  :-)

Making Pasta (lasagna & fettucini)
Mushroom Ravioli

Freezer Cooking
8 Meals from a 10lb Log of Ground Beef

The Farm's Recipe Drawer

When we bought the farm from my mother in law, it came with a recipe drawer.  Her recipes, recipes from aunts, friends, sister in laws, mostly in family members handwriting. This year my daughter and I are on a mission to try each of the recipes in the drawer.

As we worked through the drawer, some of the ingredients used were unfamiliar to us - these are the explanations we came up with.

Strawberry Shortcake
Raspberry Cake
Sour Cream Cookies

Probably the most "interesting" recipe ever. Baby food carrots, olives, instant coffee - all in one recipe:
Seville Pot Roast
(I asked my mil about this recipe, and she doesn't know how it got in the drawer, she never made it)

From The UCCA Cookbook
(A cookbook made by the women involved with the Union County Christian Academy, the small christian school in New Columbia Pa that my husband graduated from)
Stuffed Frankfurters
Lemon Lime Cake

Preserving (Fermenting, Canning, Etc)
Crock Pickles
Spaghetti Sauce in the Crock Pot


Baking eggs in a muffin tin for breakfast sandwiches
Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

Baked Goods:

Twix Bars

**No Mess Cake Decorating Bags - this is brilliant!!

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting
Peanut Butter Eggs
Resurrection Cookies
Acorn Scacks

Not Food

Home Made Ice Packs

Meal Planning

How To Buy Fresh Sweet Corn


Popular posts from this blog

Replacing The Broken Glass on Our Patio Table -

We have horrible winds here.  One storm picked up our large patio table & smashed it sideways against the deck railing, shattering the glass top.
After looking at a couple of options, I bought a piece of plywood (they cut it to size for me even) and a remnant of linoleum from our local flooring store.
We should have sealed the plywood with an all weather paint first. 
Then we attached the linoleum with contact glue.  The entire project cost me about $35 and took minutes to complete. :-)

Homiletics Worksheet

One of my favorite seminars at BSF was on Homiletics.  I love the process of studying the bible through Homiletics.  Recently my friend Natalie taught our Sunday School class how to do homiletics, and again I found I really enjoyed the process, and I decided I wanted to use it more frequently.

There is a great "Crash Course In Homiletics" here -
Earlier this summer our Pastors wife suggested, in our Womens Sunday School Class, that we choose one epistle and read it every day, for a month.  I love this bible reading plan.  I have used many plans over the years, and have read the bible cover to cover a few times now, so the idea of really learning one epistle at a time felt like a good next step for me.
For the month of August, I am reading Colossians every day.  It is only 4 chapters, a quick, easy read every morning.  I decided the 4 chapters made it perfect to use homiletics for my weekly study, doing one chapter each week…

How to Make a Chalkboard Graphic

I'm going to assume you already have a basic knowledge of some sort of graphics program.  Gimp is free.  I use Paint Shop Pro - because I have used it for many years, and I lack the attention span (& budget!) to keep up with photoshop.  

First, The Background.
  Thank you google image search....

These sites also offer free downloads -
Next The Fonts:

This site has links to all of the fonts on the poster above (most of my favorites are on her list, so I didn't see any sense in replicating it. Plus, she did it better than I would have.)
I personally recommend going to Dafont and d…