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Dan runs a facebook group for geocachers in the Susquehanna Valley to discuss caches, hides, locations, events, etc:

What On Earth Is Geocaching?
AKA - Why do I keep seeing you alongside the road at guardrails?

Molly Mouse is watching Datruck find a geocache in a guardrail, in the photo above.  Molly hates guardrail caches, because she's usually not allowed out of the car for those - I'm too afraid she would get hit by another car.

Well, you probably didn't see ME at a guardrail, I hate guardrail caches.  But you may have seen me in the car while Dan finds the guardrail cache. Molly 

Geocaching is an online gps based game.  People hide things, and people find things, based on coordinates from  Many people just find caches.  We happen to hide them too.  Whenever we plan a trip, I start with the geocaching website - because all though there are a million LPC (lam post cache) and guardrail caches, there are also millions of caches that take you to some of the most unique, beautiful, historic, and fun places.  Dan treats geocaching more like a competitive sport - he loves to find every cache, meet every challenge, and get together with other cachers to find the hides.  I treat geocaching like a tour guide to find all the off the beaten path places that I wouldn't find on my own.  It works for both of us, and is a fun hobby we can do together.  We started out when the kids were young - and it was a lot of fun to go as a family, on long hikes in the woods to find an ammo box hidden under a pile of sticks or stones.  Open the ammo box, sign the log, and trade "swag".  The geocaching rule is , taking something, leave something.  Not all geocaches have swag, but most ammo boxes do.  Usually things like happy meal toys for kids - they can leave a toy in the box, and take a different one out.  

You can read all about geocaching here:

Our Favorites
A few years ago we discovered gadget caches, made popular by WVTim in West Virginia.  These caches are SO much fun.  Often the challenge is not in finding the container, but in opening it once you find it.  They are "field puzzles" - gadgets and games you have to solve to get the box open.  A "find" does not count, unless you sign the log, so finding the container is not enough.  For one of my many favorites, of his,you need jumper cables to make it work!  You hook the jumper cables from your car battery to the cache, and the log pops up.  He does many, many cool things like that with his caches.
See one of his gadget caches on youtube here:

Odds & Ends

Finding an ammo can in a driveway with a LOT of favorite points prompted me to write this post about some of my favorite caches in our area.  These are some great caches to start with, and might help you understand our fascination with this hobby.  There are better caches than an ammo can in a driveway.

This is a fun series - earn your degree in geocaching.  We'd like to come up with a version of this here in PA. Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Degrees in Geocaching

Using Google Maps  My Maps app To Plan  A Trip - I LOVE this app for geocaching trips.  I can plot restaurants, campsites, geocaches (just paste the coords) and routes - and share them with Dan, both of us can then use our phones on our trips to navigate to any of those saved locations.

In 2016, we got to travel to Seattle to visit Geocaching Headquarters and find the Fairmont geocaches.  It.  Was. Awesome.

We spend WAY too much time digging through piles of rocks.  See some of the many types of rock caches we have found.  

This fun series of caches takes you on a tour of the covered bridges in columbia county pa

Another great adventure geocaching took us to - Our Journey To The Trestle Falls Geocache.

Misc things I moved over from our old geocaching blog and have not properly organized yet:



Pennsylvania's Favorite Geocaches Bookmark List:

The  cache with the most favorite points in PA - 
    Raiders Of The Lost Cache

Creative Containers:


Geocoin Challenges (post is from 2011 - update)

Pennsylvania Challenges


2010 - Merchlinksy Geobash
2011 - Geowoodstock in Warren Pa
2015 Geowoodstock in Boonsboro MD

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