The "Big" Annual Geocaching Events

 There was an interesting thread on a facebook group recently, that started me on a search for some of the bigger events, and some that are not necessarily the biggest, but were of interest for other reasons. If you are  a geocacher planning out your vaction time for next year, below is a list of dates and locations to keep in mind.  :-)

Curious about what to expect at a geocaching event?  I wrote about our experiences at different events here :

I know my list below is nowhere near complete - please let me know what I am missing!

First, an explanation of Event sizes:

Mega Event - 
"Mega-Event status must be applied for yearly and is ultimately determined by Geocaching HQ. To be considered for Mega-Event status, Will Attends must surpass 500. It is uncommon for a first-time event to qualify for Mega-Event status. But, once an event has achieved Mega-Event status, organizers may find it easier to attain Mega-Event status for future events. 
And why would we care that an event has "Mega" Status?
Events that reach Mega-Event status will receive a sponsorship package from Geocaching HQ that includes exclusive perks.  For example: custom souvenirs, donations of tracking codes for event merchandise, Geocaching banners, a visit from Signal the Frog, and more. Also, because of the positive impact of these gatherings, all Mega-Events are featured in the Geocaching Weekly Newsletter regardless of the distance of the event location from home coordinates."
Giga Event - 
"A Giga-Event Cache is a geocaching event that is attended by 5000+ people. Giga-Events are the largest of the Event Cache types and feature excellent activities for geocachers attending from all over the world. See the Giga-Event Frequently Asked Questions for more information"

Events Of Interest:

GIFF -  Geocaching International Film Festival
This is not one event, per say, but an an event that will be celebrated with MANY events, all over the world - 
"From November 2-6, 2017, thousands of geocachers will take part in a global geocaching movie event. The GIFF 2017 reel will contain an hour of carefully selected finalist films made by geocachers, for geocachers. "

Search your local events for a GIFF screening.  There's a big one in New Jersey, and I believe last year we had one closer to us, in Scranton PA...  but they are held all over the world.

Going Caching - Spy Games
Held in October, in Rome GA
I keep reading about the Geocaching Spy Games, and I SO want to attend this!
OCTOBER 7, 2017
Become your favorite secret agent and join us in one of the most geocaching friendly cities in America for Going Caching 2017: Spy Games! This year, we are returning to Rome, GA for everyone's favorite series of interactive, themed geocaching events. The Going Caching Crew blends a little mystery and intrigue with a whole lot of mayhem to give you 5 days and 8 events of geocaching fun!

The TriState Metro Gathering held each fall in New Jersey is one of our favorite Mega Events.  Held at historic Waterlook Village, there are so many activities and caches that you cannot possibly do them all. This years theme is the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, and it will be held October 28th.  -

The Allegany State Park Geobash, held in May in New York State, is always one of our favorite events

Geowoodstock 2018 will be held in Cincinnati Ohio, and is expected to be a GIGA event.

The Midwest Geobash is held in Ohio in July -
This was the event schedule from 2017 - this is a 4 day event!

The West Bend Cache Bash is held in Wisconsin in August
This event is unique in that it actually gives away cash.  There's a game card you fill in with stamps, by finding caches, and then you receive tickets to enter to win the cash prizes.
Visit the “Geocaching Capital of the Midwest™”. With over 1,600 caches within a 10-mile radius of the city, you’ll never run out of caches to find!
The Geovlogger at the Cache Bash -

International Geocaching day, like the Geocaching Film Festival, is a day with many events world wide.  August 19th, 2017