The First Week-end of June 2017

When I asked Dan what he wanted to do this week-end, he replied "everything", as if he hadn't been married to me for 25 years and had no idea what he would be in for.  LOL!  We SHOULD have stayed home and worked on 5 gazillion farm projects, but we decided the work could wait until Monday - we burn out if we spend too much time not making nearly enough progress on the farm, so we stretch our work days out more this year.  With all this rain, there's only so much we can do anyway.

I started my Saturday with book club at the Rose Hill library.  We discussed Rogue Lawyer, which I really enjoyed.    I haven't read Grisham in a long time.  Years ago I read everything he wrote as fast as he wrote it, but then they all started to feel a bit like the same novel for awhile, so I stopped reading his books until this one was a book club selection.  This is why I love book clubs, they get me to read things I may not chose on my own.  Next month we will discuss The Children Act by Ian McEwan.  I'm  currently reading  The Boy In The Suit Case by Lene Kaaberbol, and will need to get to A Man Called Ove soon -for the Montgomery House Library book club next Monday night.  

Meg has an ulcer on her eye and cannot drive (because she cannot see), so we thought we would have to skip the Best Pizza In Berwick event, which was the one we had really wanted to attend, as we would have to pick her up from work.  So we went to the Rockin Rescue Block Party at the William Cameron fire station in Lewisburg.  It's a small festival, just a few booths, and one stand selling hamburgs and bbq, drinks, etc.  Molly did a paw painting at the Arthur's Pet Pantry stand, and we toured the fire museum.

Then we got a call that our son was going to pick Meg up for us, she was done early because her eye was really bothering her.  So we headed to Berwick, to attend the Pizza event.
 BUT, we didn't know that you had to be there AT 2pm.  We expected a walk through event, but instead it is a sit down event.  You sit down at the rows of tables with a piece of paper numbered.  They serve slices of pizza one at a time, and you make notes and judge.

The festival here, in front of the mansion, was about the same size as the Rocking Rescue Block party.  They did have birch beer on tap here, which made me happy.  And we got to see this awesome car - one of only 3 known to still exist.

The last time we were in Berwick the locals told us that we had to try Scicchitano's pizza.  We had stated that Berwick Brewery had the best pizza (still the best, in my opinion) and they had disagreed.  So since we were too late for the pizza judging, we did our own judging by heading to Scicchitano's. The pizza is good. But it's sweet.  I wasn't prepared for a sweet sauce, and don't know that it's something I would normally choose. But if you like a sweet sauce pizza, this place is really good.  :-)
From there we, surprise, decided to do some geocaching.  We started out doing a couple of walks at the riverlands with caches along them, then branched out to a few nearby.  We found some really fun caches - one under a gas line cap in the woods, covered by a thick layer of leaves. A nano in the woods, another nano on a piece of farm equipment, and even an ammo can in the woods.  We filled in another day on the 365 day chart (over 10 years, and we are still nowhere near close to filling that in) and I think we filled in another fizzy square...  

Thirsty, we headed to 80 to drive home (planning to get the wherigo at the rest stop along the way) planning to get drinks at the gas station near the highway.  But when we pulled in, there was a food truck!  I love food trucks.

Even though it was 7 at night, the place had a steady stream of customers, who told us it was the best mexican food around.  There is a seating area, but it was wet and there was a lot of garbage around, so rather than eat there, we took our food to the rest area where the wherigo was located, knowing there would be nice clean picnic tables there.

And there were nice places to eat, and for Molly to run around, but there was no wherigo.  I wish we had read the logs first - it's obviously been missing for awhile, has notes that the maintenance workers were not happy about it being there, and the latest log was from someone who "had permission to log as found" even though it was not there.  Huh?  Why on earth would you log a cache that does not exist as found??  Mark is needs maintenance, or needs archived if the owner has no intention of dealing with the missing cache, so that geocachers do not waste their time driving out of their way to look for it!

But the food at least was really, really good.  If ever in that area again, we'll definitely stop back!

Sunday we started out at Sunday school and church.  I'm loving our new church.  One of these days I'll write a bit about our "church hopping" over the past few years - but I want to be sure I can do it without bitterness and spite.  But with the children grown, I think Dan and I are finally settling into a church that is a great fit for us.  Real pews (yes, that was on our list.. years of moving chairs in and out of a gym - we were just tired of that!) contemporary music, solid doctrine, engaging preaching and teaching, and so many areas where we can serve.  When one of the women in my sunday school class asked simply for someone to help her pass out soup cans (to put our change in this summer - the money will buy glasses for people in Haiti) after the second service, it was so nice to be able to do even that small thing.  I'm not cut out for just "visiting" a church and not being involved.  :-)

From there we went to the last of the Milton Bicentennial lectures.  These lectures have been so informative, and this one about Governor James Pollack, friend of Abraham Lincoln, was no different.  I'll miss these, except we are fortunate to have so many historical societies in our area that regularly hold historical lectures, so I'm sure I will find others to attend.  

And to end our week-end, we took Molly to Yappy Hour, meeting up with her friend Karma, and Karma's chaperones (My BFF and her husband) for dinner on the patio at Rics.  I've been wanting to try out Rics for awhile now anyway, and this was a great time to do it.  Thankfully the rain let up in time.  Even though the patio is under an awning, it was nicer to not have it raining while we were there.  Our food was great!  It's a little pricier than I expected for the setting, but the food was better than I expected as well.  They run really great specials during the week too.

All in all, a really great, full, week-end, and only the start of a full month full of fun local activities!