The Adventures Of Molly Mouse

I've had an idea for awhile, for a book about Molly and her geocaching adventures.
In my head, it's actually a series of books.

But on paper (or more accurately, in a digital file) there currently IS one book - I wrote one!
I'm working on the illustrations now.  Because this has been an idea for awhile, I've been taking photos of Molly to use in the book.  With some creative photo editing, I think these just might work.

The above image is the first draft of the cover.

I'm not exactly sure where I am going with this yet.  I know I will at least self publish a few copies for my grandson, nieces and nephews, and maybe a few extra to take to geocaching events, to see if there is any interest.  

No matter what I end up doing with the final project, I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun putting it together.  

If you'd like to see more of what Molly is up to, you can see her adventures on Instagram under the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfMollyMouse