Hyde Park CITO, Owego NY, April 2017

 See all my pics from the CITO here:

We've been geocaching since 2006, and this week-end, after eleven years of geocaching, with almost 2,000 finds, we finally attended our first CITO.  It's not that we haven't wanted to do our part (Cache In, Trash Out) there simply have been no CITO events in our area, and when we were free to travel longer distances, the dates did not work for us.

Now that the kids are grown, our schedule is a bit more flexible.  We had already talked about attending the NEPAG 10th anniversary event at Frances Slocum state park on April 28th, when I saw that there was a CITO in Owego NY on the following day.

So we made a week-end out of it.  We'd like to start hosting a CITO in our area, so it seemed like the perfect time to check one out and see if there's anything we should know.

This was the number one thing we learned.  Buy these.  


This CITO was nicely organized.  The actual park was already quite clean and tidy, but the bank along the park and river was full of trash - including tires and a tv set!  

The organizer brought garbage bags, and a few CITO tokens.  She had written on the cache page to bring your own gloves.

Everyone put their caching name into a box for a raffle at the end of the CITO.  

It took just under an hour to clean up this entire area.  A quick group photo, some chatting, and we were all off.  Very nicely done!