How To Add A Favorite Point To A Cache You've Already Logged

This week-end we logged a lot of our finds "in the field", or quickly at Tim Horton's the next morning when we had cell signal.  We agreed that in the future, when caching in an area with no signal, we will log all of our finds as drafts and I'll edit and publish them when we get home.  But that's a live and learn moment, and we did not do that on this trip.

We often forgot to hit the favorite button on our favorite caches.  I thought I was going to have to go back and rewrite the logs for all of the caches we wanted to give favorites to, and then I clicked the arrow beside the favorites tab on a cache, and saw I could just choose "add favorite" from the drop down menu.

YAY!  Quick and easy!

A larger view, for those who need it.  Just click on the arrow beside the Favorites at the top.