Dueling Hot Dog Stands In Upstate New York

While on our ASPGB 2017 road trip, our plans were changed a bit by some minor car trouble.  A quick Yelp search turned up these two hot dog stands nearby, and we decided to check them both out.  One meal at each place, that we split.

We started at Taffy's, which according to Yelp reviews, is THE place for milkshakes.

This is a super fun place.  All of the seating is outdoors, and almost all of it consists of these great gliders with canopies.

But the surprising part was the food.  The food was REALLY good. The hotdogs had an a great taste.  The milkshake was fantastic (and came in soooooo many flavors - a whole wall of flavors) .  We got sweet potato fries with honey, and they were really good too.

Spoiler alert - this place was my favorite, and I'd go out of may way to go back here again.  

Next we drove the very short distance to Ted's.  This place is more of a chain, or at least there are more than one of them.  Apparently it's considered a "Buffalo institution".  We were not in Buffalo.

There is some outdoor seating here too, under the awning, but it's mostly indoor seating here.  (and no gliders)

The neat part here is that the kitchen is right behind the counter - everything is cooked right in front of you as you stand in line.  They cook over charcoal.

The hotdog tasted like what we'd cook in our own front yard, or over the campfire.  It was fine, nothing special.  The onion rings were like a blooming onion, in spirals... and the shake was loganberry.  It was all fine, but nothing I could get too excited over. 

All in all though, comparing the two was fun!


  1. Where was Taffy's? Soinds like I want to go there.


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