Dr Doolittle's Roadside Cafe & Creamery

The "Lower" Restaurant.  There's a second restaurant up the hill, right next to this.
I originally saw this place on one of the many roadside PA facebook groups I follow.  I thought it would be a fun place to stop for lunch on our way to the ASPGB 2017 - and I was not disappointed.

There's normally an amish buggy here, being pulled by either the dinosaur or Sasquatch - but it was missing when we were here.

I've seen photos of an alpaca and goats here..  near this barn area.  We didn't see them when we stopped, they might have all been inside?

There's a lot of road noise if you eat outside, but we sat right at the front of the outdoor seating, not realizing that there was more outside seating behind the walk up counter.  Just go back past the party barn, and you can sit between the train cars below, and the back of the lower restaurant.

There are train cars everywhere you turn...

I really wanted to play mini golf - but we didn't have time, and I'm not certain it is open yet?

There's a bit of EVERYTHING going on here.  Outdoor eating, indoor eating, a second restaurant in a train car, laser tag, mini golf, full size trains (eventually they may be open to sleep in?) and probably other things we missed!  When traveling like this, I especially love restaurants with outdoor seating so that Miss Molly Mouse (our dog) can get out of the car with us.  

The food was nothing to write home about - either way.  Not to praise, nor to complain.  It was good, cheap, and simple.  I don't think there was anything over $5 on the menu.

My only real complaint was on the indoor seating on the lower restaurant area.  I went in to use the bathrooms, and the dirt on the doors was disturbing.  It looks like the doors, around the doorknobs, where people grab them,  have not been wiped down in, well, ever.  But the tables and floors were clean, and the outdoor seating area was clean..  it's just the doors the cleaning crew seem to be missing. But it's a pretty big miss - they were really bad.  BUT the tables inside are really awesome vintage tables, and there are fun things like this hotdog (above), and a chicken that looks like it was part of a merry go round at one time...  There really is fun stuff everywhere here.

But overall this is just a really fun place.  They were doing a lot of construction while we were there, I'd love to see it again and see what progress they have made.

I took photos of the up the hill restaurant - and the menu, although it's really too small to read here.  You eat in a train car, from the looks of things, after going in through the train station?  VERY cool.  We didn't get  a chance to go in and check this out this time.

Dr. Doolittles Roadside Cafe
1290 Rich Hwy  DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801 USA
(814) 375-7080

There's a great multi stage geocache nearby!