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And We Are Bottle Feeding Babies... Goats that is!

Meet Tom & Gerry.  Three times a day I lean out the back door and holler "bottles!" and they come running up the back porch.. so they might think their name is bottles.  LOL!

Tom is an orphan.  One of our nannies gave birth to him, and then a stillborn baby after him.  We moved her up beside the house just to keep an eye on her, and less than two days later she was dead.  We do not know why.  She didn't have any signs of being ill.   So Tom lives in the pen beside the house currently, all by himself.  Although he has lots of visitors.   And he can squeeze through the fencing still, so he often can be found playing in the back yard with the triplets.
Patty had triplets this year.  Just to be sure they were all getting enough to eat, we moved them back to the pen in the back yard, the "calf pen".  I'm glad we did.  We came home from church one Sunday to find one of the babies beside the backyard pond, being guarded by Jet (one of our big dogs).  She was soa…

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Dan sent me this photo this morning, with a note that all is well with the babies in the front pasture. Lol! Yes, that IS a chicken