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Party Games For Large Groups

We love cards and board games, but when our crew gets together, there are just too many of us for most board games, which often only allow 6 players. Before the holidays this year, I went on a search for some games we could play when there are 9, 10, or 15 of us.
Partners In Pen(View a YouTube Video Of This Game) Items Needed: A bag full of random objects, a paper, a pen and a bunch of friends.
Take the tablet and pen out of  the bag.  Add  random objects from around the house to the bag—you’ll want 2-3 items per a team.
Hand one of the partners the tablet  and a pen and hand the bag full of random objects to the other partner.
Now ask the player with the bag to describe 2-3 objects, one at a time,  without naming them or telling what is it used for while the other partner tries to draw the object. 
Then flip to a new page in the tablet, pass the bag and tablet to the next team, and repeat., with them choosing different items from the bag. ==================================== Likes & …