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Gilmore Girls FanFest 2016

Update - Yes, there does appear to be a festival, in a new location, scheduled for 2017..  Although this will always be one of the best memories for me - and such a great experience with my daughter, I don't think we'll be attending in 2017.  The price is too high, and there is no information about what you are actually paying for.  No information on who will be there.  No schedule of events.  Nothing.  Given how unimpressed we were with how well the first one was organized (It was the FIRST event - so it's ok that it wasn't perfectly organized, and I'm sure I couldn't have done any better.  That doesn't mean I'm willing to pay more , without even knowing what is planned, for the second year. ) the lack of information for is just too big of a concern for us, at that ticket price.  I'm extremely thankful we got tickets for this first festival.  I'm really glad we went.  It's a memory with my daughter that I will treasure forever.  But I think…