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It's Ok To Not Have An Opinion On Everything.

It's ok to not have an opinion on everything.  And it's REALLY ok to not share every opinion you do have.

I noticed a few years back that although my kids all wanted to be on facebook before they were even of age, they rarely post anything.  And as they, and their friends, got older, they moved more and more to apps like instagram and snapchat, instead of facebook- where photos tell the story, not words.  I knew the buzzword here was "oversharing", and I often thought of it when someone shared something a little too personal about their child, or when a single mom posted photos of men half dressed and not much older than her own child, with comments that made me blush.  (Before anyone gets all outraged, I'm no longer friends with that mom, and it's probably not anyone who will ever read this.  But if you got all upset by my mentioning this incident..  well, give that some thought.)

But recently, I think oversharing is more broad.  I'm a little tired of read…