How to Solve The Geocaching August Souvenir Puzzle #1

In August 2016, Geocaching is doing a series of souvenirs based on "missions" premium members receive as puzzles the week before the mission.  Non premium members just receive the answer the weekend of the mission.  

The first puzzle was VERY simple, so simple that many were overthinking it.

The bottom of the first plate gives you the hint to solve this - "A six is G"

A= 6 letters after A = ABCDEFG
C= 2 letters after C = CDE
N= 1 letter after N = NO

Continuing with the next 3 plates until you have the code to type into the page linked in the email, where the mission was revealed.  The answer had to be entered completely in lower case, I think that may have been more confusing than the actual puzzle. :-)

On the 3rd plate, for W6 - you go back to the start of the alphabet.  So it was WXYZABC

If you completed the mission, finding a cache with more than 10 favorite points that week-end, you received this souvenir:

For us, this meant traveling a bit, since we've found all the caches less than 40 minutes from our home.  We found a cache that fit the requirements, and it was a nice large ammo can in a driveway.  That inspired this post  - There are Better Caches Than an Ammo Can In A Driveway -