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There Are Better Caches Than An Ammo Can In A Driveway

This weekend, to complete the first Geocaching Mission Assignment for 2016, we needed to visit a cache with 10 favorite points.  Since we've found all the caches in our area, this meant at least a 40 minute drive, but we found a cache with 28 favorites and made the trip.

It was an ammo can in a driveway.  A very nice ammo can.  It was under a very nice tree.  But it was an ammo can in a driveway.  In a crowded residential area.  You could spot the cache when you got out of the vehicle.  28 favorite points.  

So with that experience in mind, here are some of my all time favorite caches.  My favorite in this general area has only 19 favorite points, which makes me so sad when you remember that an ammo can in a driveway somehow merited 28.

My favorite caches are usually favorites for one of 3 reasons. 1. It took me to an awesome location. 2. It was a creative container.  Or 3, it was a gadget cache.  I so love gadget caches.

These are not really in any order, after my #1 favorite. I'm sure it's nowhere near a comprehensive list.  But if you are looking for some great options this week-end, you can do a bit better than an ammo can in a driveway.

Mr Data Goes Caching (Only 19 favorites??  That's so wrong)
My absolute favorite cache in "our area" (it's about an hour away from us, in Berwick PA  It;s worth the drive, and there are tons of other great caches nearby.)
This is not a get out of your car and grab it geocache.  You'll have to work for this one. But it is so much fun!  Stage one involves putting a pvc pipe puzzle together to get the coord for stage 2.  Each stage is creative like that.  It's truly awesome!  You'll have to walk (or bike) a little bit to get to the final, but it's on a bike path, it's not a difficult walk.

Bases Loaded  (Currently only 21 favorite points)
The town of Williamsport is known for the Little League World Series, even though the actual games are held across the river in South Williamsport.  Still, this intersection in Williamsport is just really cool.  They not only have baseball players on bases at each corner, but the crosswalks are even all green to form the baseball diamond.  Then, as if the location for this cache was enough to earn favorite points, the actual cache is a really creative hide a short distance away.  Well done.  Very well done.

OutBreak (Currently just FIVE favorite points.  Pitiful)
  Located kind of between Milton and Danville.
Now this cache is a bit of a challenge.  It's a puzzle cache.  And a Night cache.  But it has a story line, a mystery with clues to discover, and gadgets.  It's seriously awesome.  It is not simple.  It does involve walking in the woods, in the dark to gather clues.  It's so much fun - especially in a group - it's truly sad that so few people have made the attempt to find it.

Rinse Please (this has a respectable 32 favorite points)
Danville Pa
This is a gadget cache.  It's right in a parking lot, but SO well camoed that seasoned geocachers have struggled to find it.  And then there's the fun of retrieving it.  It's really fun, and SO well done.

The Widow Smith (Currently 9 favorites)
White Deer PA
Here it's not the cache, so much as the history lesson that goes with it.  I love caches that teach the history of the area!

Falling Water (currently 8 favorites)
near Sunbury PA
Such a beautiful spot!  A place I probably would have never seen if not for geocaching.

Old Trolls (10 favorites)
Milton PA
This isn't anything too spectacular, just a quick find in a great container.  You won't have to solve a puzzle, or walk more than 10 steps even.  It's just a great theme, and a great container.

Flea Market Find (28 favorites currently)
Lewisburg PA
Another super simple find - drive right up to it practically.  But such a great container!

Betwixt & Between 6 & 5 (49 favorite points)
Danville Pa
If you really feel the need to find a cache in someones front yard, this is one of the best ever.  Super creative gadget cache, with tree cover as you make the find.

Not Another Lamp Post (86 favorites)
Danville PA
For those of us who bemoan the prevalence of lampskirt geocaches, this is just fun.  Unique.  And not nearly as difficult as WVTim's Under The Lampost cache in West Virginia - although that's another great lamp post spoof cache.

Birds Eye View Over Hess (15 favorites)
Danville Pa
Pretty spot, on a great trail (easy trail) and a creative container.

Milton Historical Society Wherigo (3 favorites. Just 3.  )
Milton Pa
Now this is a bit trickier - not everyone is set up to do wherigos.  We used the Where You Go app for android, and this was just a REALLY well done wherigo, based on the walking tour in Milton.  


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