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We spend WAY too much time digging through piles of rocks.

Lately, it feels like all of our date nights are on the rocks.  Or on the rock piles at least.
We've been spending a lot of time geocaching lately.  And it's pretty amazing how many ways there are to turn a rock into a geocache.

Dan has made a few of the real rock caches - rocks he drilled holes into to insert bison tubes into them.  He bought two drill bits  - a pricey diamond encrusted one ($20) and a regular mason bit ($3.50). The diamond one did not work well. The $3.50 one has been great.  Go figure.  A 5/8 bit works well for a half inch bison tube.

My least favorites are the "needle in a haystack" caches.  A rock, in a pile of rocks.  These are a couple of my logs from one needle in a haystack rock cache near us:

Didn't find it 04/02/2016
Day #683. Spent another evening skulking behind a convenience store sorting through trash strewn rocks. The container continues to elude us. Our children believe we've gone mad. We may have. Gave up the search at dusk, but …

Pulled Pork, Using the Aldi Fresh Meat deal

I'm transitioning to shopping more at Aldi, now that we don't always need the bulk amounts from Sam's club.  So of course I started this week by buying a 10lb pork roast.  Because everyone scaling back on the amount of groceries they buy should buy a 10lb pork roast....

But it was $1.49 a lb!  How can you pass that deal up?  I looked it up online to type up this post, and found this:

"Every Wednesday, look for our incredible Fresh Meat Special Buy* item. When you see the sign, you'll find an extra-low price on one of our very best cuts of meat. But hurry…because at these low prices, our weekly supply is extremely limited. "
I usually shop on Wednesdays, because I'm already in this area for BSF on Wednesday mornings.  I can't believe I've never noticed this before?  I really should be more observant.  :-)
A few months back I had made this recipe, from Kevin & Amanda.  It's called Perfect Roast Pork.  And it was good.  But I didn't think it …

How to Make a Chalkboard Graphic

I'm going to assume you already have a basic knowledge of some sort of graphics program.  Gimp is free.  I use Paint Shop Pro - because I have used it for many years, and I lack the attention span (& budget!) to keep up with photoshop.  

First, The Background.
  Thank you google image search....

These sites also offer free downloads -
Next The Fonts:

This site has links to all of the fonts on the poster above (most of my favorites are on her list, so I didn't see any sense in replicating it. Plus, she did it better than I would have.)
I personally recommend going to Dafont and d…

Not A Pinterest Baker Makes Lemon Blueberry Cake

Working from the recipe found here:
Step 1 - Check the Ingredients

  I don't have buttermilk, but that's easy to make.  (I do have fresh from the dairy milk, and a bag of lemons from Aldi)

Find that our daughter does not like the cherry cream cheese I bought at Wengers, because it was super cheap, on her bagels, she she used some of the plain cream cheese I bought for the icing.  

Check the pan cabinet.  I have a collection of stackable wedding cake pans that I bought for $1.50 at a yard sale and keep, but will likely never, ever, use.  None of them are the same size.   I have two wilsons cake pans from a cake decorating class my daughter and I took for fun 7 years ago.  I know it was 7 years ago, because facebook just showed me the reminder photo this week.  I didn't need facebook to remind me that we really, really sucked at cake decorating.  And that these pans probably have not been used in the 7 years…