A Year Of Organizing The Photos - 2016

I'm working on the 1 year to more organized photos challenge with:

 It is pretty overwhelming, looking at all of the places I have photos. I still have FILM. Actual film. (Recently I had some of it developed, and even though very old, I got prints. From 1997. So I need to take the rest of it in and see what is on those rolls). 

Then even though I have more photos here than I think I can ever work through, I also need to make time to visit my mom regularly, and scan a lot of her photos from the years when I did not have a camera and she took tons of pics of my kids.

 I sketched out a rough plan, with reminders, to work on two shutterfly albums a month, get ALL of my digital photos on to my WDCloud, etc...

 Today I copied 6 more (of about 80 total) dvds to the cloud drive, cleaned up all of my shutterfly albums, cleaned of ALL of the flash drives, and finished about 3/4 of our Disney album. It sounds like so much progress, but when I look at how much I have to do, I could probably do that much every day for 3 months and still not be "caught up". Still, it's a start!

Later in January - 

Woohoo! Stage 1 of my 1 yr to organized photos is complete!! All of our photo cds & dvds have been sorted & copied to my WD Cloud ( external hard drive) I still have a ton of work to do, organizing them better on there & weeding them down to a more reasonable amount.... but for now they are all backed up in one place. It's a start. The next phase in this project, for me, is to scan in all of our pre-digital prints. I have 1993 finished so far, and hope to have all of this stage completed in February.

(Spoiler Alert - I did not get much done in February at all)