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Nine Books I could Not Put Down

Recently I saw a list shared to facebook, repeatedly, that was 20 Books You Can't Put Down.  I clicked on the link, read the list, and was slightly dumfounded.  They were all books I had read, and none of them kept me up to finish them.  Some of them I didn't even care to finish, they just were not that good at all.  It was another reminder that my taste in books is far from the New York Times Bestseller list.  (I recently finished All the Light We Cannot See - and although it was good enough, I cannot fathom why everyone is raving over it - it really wasn't that great in my opinion)

In no particular order, these are a few of  the books that I had a hard time putting down:

The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

This book, more than any other I have ever read, still sticks with me.  For no discernible reason.  It is probably the only book I have ever read where I truly don't know "who did it", and I'm ok with that.  Normally I like clear endings, with everything…

A Year Of Organized Photos - February 2016

I started this project with
In January, I filled out the sheet she supplied that gave me a basic idea of how much I have to deal with this year.  It's a lot.  :-)  In January I also got all of our cds copied off an onto an external hard drive.  I bought one with wifi that is called a digital cloud - that way I can access it from anywhere.  Of course, throughout the month I found MORE cds in other places, so it's never actually done I don't think, but it's a huge amount of progress.

Month One - January - 

Figure Out Where All Of My Photos AreGet All the Photo CDs Copied To My CloudGet in the habit of cleaning out Google Photos Every WeekStart Working On Shutterfly Albums - try for 2 a month

One thing I'd recommend personally is NOT backing up all of your cell phone pics to the mycloud.  For me at least, it's easier to back them up automatically to google photos, then I clean google photos out once a week and transfer over anything I actu…

A Year Of Organizing The Photos - 2016

I'm working on the 1 year to more organized photos challenge with:

 It is pretty overwhelming, looking at all of the places I have photos. I still have FILM. Actual film. (Recently I had some of it developed, and even though very old, I got prints. From 1997. So I need to take the rest of it in and see what is on those rolls). 

Then even though I have more photos here than I think I can ever work through, I also need to make time to visit my mom regularly, and scan a lot of her photos from the years when I did not have a camera and she took tons of pics of my kids.

 I sketched out a rough plan, with reminders, to work on two shutterfly albums a month, get ALL of my digital photos on to my WDCloud, etc...

 Today I copied 6 more (of about 80 total) dvds to the cloud drive, cleaned up all of my shutterfly albums, cleaned of ALL of the flash drives, and finished about 3/4 of our Disney album. It sounds like …

Pennsylvania GeoArt

I've started a BookMark List at, here:

Keystone State Geoart Mostly Cache and Dash - over 80 caches Located West of State College, south of Punxatawney - near the town of Gipsy. Logs report it can be done in one, long, full, day See the map:,-78.933177&z=14 One of the Caches:
Lost  Located South of Lancaster Part of the Lost Power Trail - see the sections to the right and left for another 100 or so caches Lost Art #1 See the Start of the Power Trail Here:

BEST Located North of  Reading "Welcome to the Berks Explorers Seeking Tupperware (aka BEST) Geo-Art…