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Touring The Covered Bridges In Columbia County Pa

There are a series of geocaches here - old caches - based on the Covered Bridges Of Columbia County.  They are labeled as multicaches, but they aren't really - they are something closer to a puzzle cache, or a wherigo. There is only one physical cache. You visit 4-5 covered bridges, often a good distance apart, where you find the answer to a question for each bridge, on a sign near or on the bridge. Then you drive another good distance to hike (some are nice little walks, at least one is a good hike) in the game lands to find an ammo box in the woods.  It really is a nice series of caches, and I love covered bridges, so this made a fun trip for us.

The caches we found hadn't been visited in close to a year.  They are a little more effort than most of the caches in this area, but I like that about them.  They appear to only have about 70 finds, in 11 years. (They were created in May of 2005)

Because we attempted it in February, we ran out of daylight before we got to the fourth s…

A Year Of Classic Blocks - Quilt Challenge 2016

January Classic Block - Bow Tie
In January I completed one 8 inch bow tie block for the January challenge, with the goal of ending the year with enough blocks for a sampler quilt, made out of feed sack material.

12 8 inch blocks would make a 96 x 96 quilt, if I do not border the squares.  I will border the squares.  But then I looked at the February block, it is 12 inches.  Ugh!  I don't want to combine 8 inch blocks with 12 inch blocks.  Most of the charts I found for quilt sizes are based on 12 inch blocks, and the January classic block pattern does have measurements for a 12 inch version.. so I think I will do each of the sampler blocks in 12 inches from here on out.
Then I stumbled across this block, by the winner of the January contest:
I love that quilt so much!  It appears to be 7 blocks across and 8 blocks long.…