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Freezer Meals For Teens - Chicken Week

Chicken in enchilada sauce, 2 bags of Hawaiin Chicken, an extra bag of cornflake/ranch breading (went in my pantry) 3 bags of chicken cordon bleu, 2 bags of parmesan ranch chicken.
Last week I made up a bunch of meals with alog of hamburg, this week I brought home two packs of chicken breasts to make freezer meals.

I'm so disgusted by the chicken from Sam's club, I don't think I'll ever buy it there again. It wasn't spoiled or anything, it was just insane. I've seen turkey breasts smaller than those chicken breasts.  And living on a farm, I have a fairly good idea of the conditions it took to get chickens that large.  I can't stomach it.  I bought this because I forgot how ridiculous these were - and when I bought in bulk from Burkholder's last year, the chicken was rubbery, no matter how I cooked it.  

Anyway, since the breasts were HUGE, I started by cutting them in half - through the middle, so they were half as thick.  Each pack had 5 breasts in it, I …

Feeding Teens - Eight meals from a 10lb log of Hamburg

8 hamburgers, 2 containers of cheeseburger soup, 1 meatloaf, 2 bags of taco meat & 2 bags of seasoned hamburger for goulash & chili
I love the idea of freezer cooking, but dislike all the chaos it creates.  So I scale it down.  Rather than spend hundreds of dollars and hours in the kitchen, I come home with one meat in bulk, and spend about an hour  (or less) prepping it into meals.  

This week I came home with a 10lb log of hamburg from Sams Club, and I turned it into:

1 large meatloaf
2 crockpots of cheeseburger soup (will need milk and beef broth)
8 Hamburgers
2 qt bags of precooked seasoned beef, destined for chili & goulash
2 qt bags of taco meat for taco nights

How many meals you get out of this will vary greatly by family.  I can't even know how many meals I got out of this, since with a house full of older teens, you can never be sure too far in advance how many will be home for dinner.  8 hamburgers might be one meal, or I might get two meals out of them - depends on …