How to Verify Your Blogger Blog For Pinterest

"When your website is verified, people will see a checkmark next to your domain in search results. They will also see the full website URL and checkmark on your profile."
The Pinterest Help File For Verifying Your Website - 

This is really easy - even if you are not tech savvy - don't let it scare you off.

Log into Pinterest, Choose Edit Profile.

Near the bottom, see "Verify Website".  When you click on that red button, this box will pop up:

Place your cursor in the box with the code, choose select all, then copy.

Now go to your blog.  Choose Design, then under template choose Edit Html:

At this point you SHOULD absolutely back up your template.  This involves downloading the html, etc...  I didn't do this.  I don't think I ever have.  Just do not hit "save template" until you have previewed it and made sure it hasn't messed anything up.  If it messes up (this process should not cause any problems) close the browser without saving.  But absolutely, the responsible and cautious thing to do it back up your html before making changes, and if you are worried, by all means, take the time to do so!

Now click on the menu on the far right of your browser and use the find option to find the word Head:

Paste the meta tag under the word head (which will be bracketed in the lesser and greater than signs) - 

Save the template, wait a minute or two,  then go back to Pinterest and choose "verify website".  

Now your blog will show up as a clickable link on your profile page. 

 I hope that it helps keep anything pinned from that blog from receiving that Pinterest "Spam" message as well - I'm seeing that more and more on pins from blogs that I know are safe, and I don't know exactly what is causing it.