Cleaning Up Pinterest (Digital Decluttering Project #4)

When I logged into Pinterest to start this project, I immediately pinned 4 or 5 new items.  It was then that I realized I enjoy pinning projects  - but I rarely go back and look at what I already have pinned.  I haven't decided what to do about that yet - maybe once I clean the boards up I won't find it to be such a chore to see what I have pinned there.

First - Delete extra or Unused Boards
I had a few I realized I would never actually use, and a few for specific events that are past.  There were a couple that I could combine too - for instance, instead of "deck ideas" & "Garden ideas" - I made one board named Summer.  (As I cleaned up my pins, I ended up creating 4 or 5 new boards...  )

Second - Order the Boards
You can drag and drop your boards into any order you would like.  I put the seasonal boards in order of season, and my weekly menu boards in order by day (Taco Tuesday, CrockPot Wednesday, Pasta Thursday, et)

There is a post here with more on that, if you want step by step instructions, the only tip I would add to hers is that it is much easier to drag and drop boards if you can see them all without scrolling up and down.  You can do that by choosing menu on the  chrome browser, then changing the zoom, as shown below.  50% made all of my boards visible on one screen without scrolling.

Third - Check Your Links
Unfortunately, I cannot find a short cut.  This involves clicking on every.  Single.  Pin.  to check the links.  :-(  If anyone knows of a short cut, please let me know!  I attempted to use the "Pin4ever" add on for firefox, but it wouldn't do anything - none of the buttons in the toolbar would do anything at all for me.  :-(   

Fixing Broken Or Spammy Links
"Why does this happen? Well, spammers long ago figured out that they can hijack perfectly useful pins by simply replacing the original link's URL with their own. So they steal someone else's photo of a really cool looking craft or a yummy recipe, they attach their own spammy link to it and then they count on a lot of people pinning it without first checking out the link. That way, the link gets propagated all over Pinterest, and when all of us innocent pinners finally get around to checking it out it either goes somewhere horrifying or we get the above error message."  -

At the link above, she explains step by step, with photos, how to use google image search to locate the "right" link so you an repin.

Second Method -  There's a bookmarklet that can help you find the original source for the material, if you want to keep that pin, and have it properly sourced:

This drag&drop bookmarket searches the interwebs to find all pages with a particular image

Random Pinterest Tips:

Want to see what people are pinning from a certain website (perhaps your own)? Go to  For instance, to see what people are pinning from my blog, the link is -