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Tackle It Tuesday - Jewelry Storage

In February I'm working through storage & Organization for all appearance related items.  Last week was make up.  This week was jewelery.  I still have my closet, dressers, and nail care to go. This is all of my jewelry, gathered up from no less than 4 rooms and 8 locations around the house.  I know, I know.  But when there is no good system for storage, things can get out of hand quickly.  I've tried a few systems over the years. One of the large jewelry cabinets hidden behind a full length mirror, craft boxes to sort earrings, regular jewelry boxes...  so far nothing has worked well for me. 
After sorting it all out, getting rid of about half, and putting the items I'd like to save, but know I will not wear right now (gold hoops will come back in favor eventually - but for now, I really only wear the silver ones..) in that white craft box to pack away, I came up with this solution:
The key to the success here is location, location, location.  :-)  All of my jewelry is n…

Valentines Project - Button Heart on Canvas

Decorating For Valentines Day 2015
The inspiration piece came from here:

I had all the materials on hand, but I did buy some extra red buttons, because I didn't want to use up all the red ones in my button collection.
It would probably be best to paint the canvas white first, but I was using an old canvas and the black covered what was already on there.  :-) To evenly space the lines, I covered the top with painters tape, then removed every other strip.
Because it is painters tape, it peeled right off without hurting the paint underneath at all.   It really made this super quick and simple

Then I used a cut out of a heart and outlined it in glue, to form the heart
On the original she used a red burlap heart behind the buttons - but I didn't have red burlap on hand, and I was ok with some of the background peeking through.

A Fix For "Shockwave Flash Has Crashed"

When I open a bunch of links at once my computer, usually from linky parties & memes, my computer gets really sluggish, and I start seeing the yellow toolbar across the screens saying shockwave has crashed.  Apparently this is because there are just so many flash items loading at once - mostly in ads. 

 In Chrome you can go to settings, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose "show advances settings". 

 Now under Privacy choose content settings, then under Plug Ins choose "click to play".  Now you can choose to play flash items on websites, but they will not automatically load

Cleaning Up Pinterest (Digital Decluttering Project #4)

When I logged into Pinterest to start this project, I immediately pinned 4 or 5 new items.  It was then that I realized I enjoy pinning projects  - but I rarely go back and look at what I already have pinned.  I haven't decided what to do about that yet - maybe once I clean the boards up I won't find it to be such a chore to see what I have pinned there.

First - Delete extra or Unused Boards
I had a few I realized I would never actually use, and a few for specific events that are past.  There were a couple that I could combine too - for instance, instead of "deck ideas" & "Garden ideas" - I made one board named Summer.  (As I cleaned up my pins, I ended up creating 4 or 5 new boards...  )

Second - Order the Boards
You can drag and drop your boards into any order you would like.  I put the seasonal boards in order of season, and my weekly menu boards in order by day (Taco Tuesday, CrockPot Wednesday, Pasta Thursday, et)

There is a post here with more on that,…

How to Verify Your Blogger Blog For Pinterest

"When your website is verified, people will see a checkmark next to your domain in search results. They will also see the full website URL and checkmark on your profile." The Pinterest Help File For Verifying Your Website -
This is really easy - even if you are not tech savvy - don't let it scare you off.
Log into Pinterest, Choose Edit Profile.

Near the bottom, see "Verify Website".  When you click on that red button, this box will pop up:

Place your cursor in the box with the code, choose select all, then copy.

Now go to your blog.  Choose Design, then under template choose Edit Html:

At this point you SHOULD absolutely back up your template.  This involves downloading the html, etc...  I didn't do this.  I don't think I ever have.  Just do not hit "save template" until you have previewed it and made sure it hasn't messed anything up.  If it messes up (this process should not cause any …

Tackle It Tuesday - The Medicine (Make Up) Cabinet

I didn't realize until I was done that I never took a before photo.  Just imagine ALL of this stuff, and a whole bunch more, crammed willy nilly in this cabinet.  It took me way too long to find anything, and I ended up throwing out more than half of what was in here.

Some scrapbook paper in the back, and a few minutes thinking about what I actually use and how I use it - and this is  much more functional space.  As I type this, it's been over a week, and it's still neat and nice.  

Cleaning Up Google Drive (Digital Decluttering Project #3)
I stopped using Microsoft office a few years back, and thanks to google drive & Lucidpress (which replaces Microsoft Publisher nicely) , I really haven't missed it at all.  
There's a great short article here on tips for basic organizing - renaming, color coding, and how to see how much storage you are using -
How I Use Google Drive
I mention frequently that I like to keep all of my cloud storage separate. for ebooks, for Genealogy files to share, Dropbox for photos...  google drive is for documents.
One of the features I love with Google drive is that my kids can write a paper for school, share it with me, and I can edit it wherever I am at, with them seeing the edits as I make them. As a homeschool mom, this has been really nice.  
TIP - "If you want to quickly create a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing in Google Drive, the links on those words in…

Menu Planning

How I Plan Our Menu

1. Set Basic Themes Monday - Sunday leftovers re-purposed.  (Roast for Sunday dinner becomes beef pot pie, or beef vegetable soup.  Roast chicken or turkey becomes pot pie, or chicken/turkey gravy over waffles, etc).  If there are not leftovers to work with, this usually becomes my chicken day.  Some sort of chicken breast recipe.Tuesday - Taco NightWednesday  - Crock Pot Night (I'm out of the house a lot on Wednesdays with BSF) & salad.  Thursday - Pasta night.  (In football season, this is so our son has pasta the night before the games.  It became a habit over the years that has stuck even out of football season).  Friday - Pizza Night - which is usually homemade calzones.  I buy provolone, mozzarella, sliced ham & pepperoni all in the same aisle at Sam's club, then bring it home and section it all into "portions" for calzones, and freeze it all.  Because Thursday night is pasta night, I can often set some sauce aside Thursday to dip the …

Cleaning Up My Contact List (Digital Decluttering Project #2)

Did you know there is a direct link to google contacts?  MUCH faster than going to gmail and finding the contacts tab -
Let me start out by saying there is no magic app, tool, or website that does this for you.  Trust me.  I spent a couple of hours looking, and I could have had my entire address book cleaned out AND this post typed in that amount of time.

Feel Free To Skip My Ramble & Go The Next Heading

I love the idea of a paper address book.  Something pretty, on a writing desk, with some stationary...

But this is not my life.  My life is a lot more "I found something I want to mail to my son, I'm right near the post office, and I need his address now".  (If you think there is any possibility of me remembering his address, you have never met me. )

So a digital address book is necessary.  Since I use gmail, and I use an android phone, google contacts seems like the obvious way to go.  But even though I LOVE google, and most…

Using Dropbox to get the Photos Off My Phone (Digital Decluttering Project #1)

I'm on a mission to declutter all of my electronics & cloud storage in February.  Everything from my twitter follows to all those documents stuffed in google drive, from my ebook collection to all those newsletters cluttering up my email - and more.
I like to keep all of my different cloud storage separate, and used for one purpose.  For instance, I use to store my ebook collection, and to store my genealogy files (pdfs of pension records, civil war diary, etc.  Files that I share with others).  I use Dropbox specifically for moving photos from my phone to my laptop.
Things to Keep In Mind:
You want to back up your photos to dropbox while on wifi.  It uses a fair amount of data. If I have  a  lot of photos to back up at once, I like to make sure my phone is plugged in.For me, the best time to do this is when I go to bed.  My phone is plugged in, on wifi, I'm not using it for anything else, tell it to upload the photos to dropbox, and…