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My Favorite Authors

As I was cleaning up my goodreads account today, I decided to make a list of my favorite authors, with links, to check when they have new books coming out.  (You'd think there'd be an app for that?  one that automatically notifies me when my favorite authors have new books?  )  I always have more books on my to read pile than I could possibly read in one life time, yet I keep adding...

These are some of my favorites: (List Forever In Progress, and including some of the Nine Books I Could Not Put Down authors)

Mystery/Thriller (My favorite Genre)
James Patterson (NOT all of his - but I love some of his series with other authors)
    The Womens Murder Club
     Michael Bennet
     NYPD Red
     Private Series

Harlen Coben (I love his books so much that I am rationing them out, saving them for when I "need" a good read)

Patricia Cornwell (I feel the need to keep reading these, even though I no longer love them...  it's like keeping in touch with an old friend you have histor…

Getting Organized for January 2015

2014 was so busy it was almost a blur.  I say almost, because we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it - but from our oldest son's wedding in September to our youngest sons football season (with a major injury) combined with homeschooling, two surgeries (one for that football injury, another for my husband ) countless doctors appointments, teaching our daughter how to drive, hosting Thanksgiving, making home made christmas presents, a week in South Carolina with my husband for our anniversary, immediately followed by 5 different family Christmas gatherings...
I feel like I haven't had a "normal" week since sometime back in June.  We still have a couple of Christmas gatherings yet this season, but I'm starting to look at my goals and plans for 2015.  A quick look at google play for "new" productivity apps made it abundantly clear that what I am using isn't the problem- I have great apps already.  It's that I simply am not using them.  Here are my …