Taufshein, printed & framed

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I LOVE old German Taufshein's.  Or any old german certificate.  I search through them in every musuem, praying to find one that relates to our lines. I came across this one a few years back - not the original, just a photo on an ancestry.com tree, and later in a book by Nelson Sulouff.  

So my plan, to have a copy here in my house, was to print it out, trace it, and hand paint it to replicate it.

And then this week I came to my senses.  I have little to no artistic talent, even less patience, and I own a color printer.

Yes I could have uploaded this and had it printed at Sam's club, but this cheap yellow drawing paper (one of those artists tablets you can find at the dollar store, for small children) was rather perfect.  It was too large, I cut it down to 8x10 to run through my printer.

The first time I printed this, I printed just the photo. Then I went back and added the english translation, with a title explaining that this is the Taufshein for my 5th great grandmother, Anna Nancy Bender.

This is one of those 15 minute projects that just makes me really happy.  :-)