Apple Dumplings

6 apples, peeled & cored
Two Pie Crusts
a stick and a half, roughly, of  Butter 
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1.5 t cinnamon
1 t Nutmeg
4 Cups Water
2.5 Cups White Sugar
2 t Vanilla Extract

My favorite pie crust recipe is this one from Martha Stewart - made in a food processor.  

My second favorite is this one.  Second choice won out this week.  :-)
(side note - the berry pie recipe on this box is my favorite pie recipe of all time)
Roll the dough out.  Shown here is one pie crust, rolled thin.Pplace each apple on a square of dough.  Cut butter into chunks - roughly 1T per an apple.
 Stick butter inside the apple, sprinkle with brown sugar - inside and out.
Wrap the dough around the apple.
When I wrap each apple, I used the second pie crust, cut, to "top" the apples.

Place in pan.

 Make The Sauce:
Boil water, sugar, vanilla, and 3T of butter in a saucepan.  
Boil for 5 minutes, making sure all sugar is dissolved. 
(The sauce will NOT thicken much at all)
Pour Over Apples.

Bake in a 400 degree oven for 50-60 minutes

I used a turkey baster to pull the sauce from the bottom of the pan and drench over the top of the dumplings.

Do not let them sit in the excess liquid too long, or they will spread out and get mushy..  although they are still great to eat, they won't look as pretty.  Once they have cooled a bit, put them in another pan or container.  (This was a mute point here, they were all eaten quickly, served with ice cream)

There are a lot of opinions, and charts, for which apples are best for what.  I buy our apples from a local farmer (catch him on Saturday mornings in the parking lot by the river bridge in Watsontown.  Get there early if you want apple cider, he sells out fast!) & I just tell him what I want them for and he tells me what he thinks will be best that week.  If you don't have that luxury, here is a basic chart that may help: