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A carefree summer in Deadhampton turns lethal when the tide washes in the body of Clea, an investigative journalist whose passions included environmental issues and more than her share of boyfriends. The suspects are all in 12-step programs, but somebody's not abstaining from murder. Soon Bruce, Jimmy and Barbara are up to their necks in sleuthing. As the summer heats up, secrets and lies start buzzing around this dream vacation like flies at a beach picnic. Bruce must find answers by Labor Day without getting himself killed.Readers who fell in love with Bruce, Barbara, and Jimmy on their previous outings will see a new side of them as they slather on sunblock and snoop their way through the Hamptons.

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     3/4ths of the way through this book, you still don't know who died. You may, as I did, suspect, and even hope, but you won't know until almost the end. After the first chapter, I was prepared to be disappointed in this book by the same author who wrote The Husbands Secret, possibly one of my favorite books of all time.      A few chapters later, I didn't want to put the book down.
The style this is written in- a brief glimpse of the overall story, followed by police interview answers -was unique
     I particularly loved that most of the characters really didn't take themselves too seriously. Many of them joked over how ridiculous their actions were. The characters were likeable.
     This is a big book - much longer than your typical beach read. But it's a quick read, and I found it perfect for an afternoon by the lake & an evening by a campfire

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Unerringly perceptive, superbly written, every page packed with the warmth and compassionate wisdom that have become Nancy Thayer’s trademark, Heat Wave tells the moving story of a woman who, after her seemingly perfect life unravels, must find the strength to live and love again.

Making the startling discovery that her family finances are in dire straits is only the latest shock endured by Carley Winsted after her husband’s sudden death from a heart attack. Resisting her in-laws’ well-meaning overtures to take in Carley and her two daughters, the young widow instead devises a plan to keep her family in their beloved home, a grand historic house on the island of Nantucket.

The solution is right at Carley’s front door: transforming her expensive, expansive house into a bed-and-breakfast. Not everyone, however, thinks this plan prudent or quite respectable—especially not Carley’s mother-in-law. Further complicating a myriad of challenges, a friend forces Carley to keep a secret that, if revealed, will undo families and friendships. 

When her late husband’s former law partner keeps showing up at the most unexpected times, Carley must cope with an array of mixed feelings. And then, during a late-summer heat wave, the lives of Carley and her friends and family will be forever changed in entirely unexpected ways. 

Lyrical, emotional, dramatic, and ultimately wonderfully uplifting, Nancy Thayer’s latest novel is compelling from its first page to its last

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  1. I downloaded DEATH WILL EXTEND YOUR VACATION. It will be awhile before I read it.