On The Farm 6/20/2014

Monday we sold Betsy at the Dewart Livestock Auction.  I hate doing that.  But practically, I cannot keep cows as pets.  Unless they can have babies.  I came home with a little billy goat, whom our son named Norbert.  I'm not a fan of the name, but it appears to be sticking...  We plan to seperate the goats this fall, splitting the goat pen in half and moving the baby girls born here this year to the back with Norbert, keeping the older girls, who are not related to Horton, with him to be bred.

Tuesday I went to the Middleburg Livestock Auction and bought some poultry:
They are all doing really well - I'm rather amazed.  

For the first time all month, there are 3 days in the forecast with no rain.  So the plan is to bale hay on Monday..  we're fervently praying it really does NOT rain this week-end!