My Day In Pictures

#mydayinpics 9am 6159 steps so far. #fitbit

#farmlife Push mower is broken, so I'm mowing the backyard like the Amish.  Loaded Betsy up to go to auction.   #mydayinpics 10am 8417 #fitbit steps 4th load of laundry

Laundry. Finished the hand mowing. Laundry. Finished the detergent. laundry. Started weed whacking. Laundry. #mydayinpics 11th 9919 #fitbit steps

#mydayinpics 12pm. Cleaned the car. Wow. It was bad. 10808 #fitbit steps

#mydayinpics errands.

#mydayinpics #farmlife livestock auction, bought a goat. Introduced him to the others. Took pics of Maggies babies.

#mydayinpics 9pm.  Fed the boys when they came in from baling hay.  Sorted ALL of those socks.  Ironed the spots out of the table.  Watched the sunset. Folded more laundry.

My Solar Light Obsession.  I like to sit out here at night and read a bit before bed.